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Begin Retirement Planning With Your First Job

Most people working in first real job have a lot on their financial plate. Gone are the days of working part time while going to school, or just for pocket money in the summer, and here are the days of buckling down and starting your professional path. This is an exciting time, but it can also be a stressful one, especially when it comes to thinking practically about retirement.

It is hard enough to manage the cost of finding a place to live, perhaps paying for a vehicle, putting food on the table, much less luxuries like cable TV! If you are supporting others with that first paycheck other than just yourself, this stress and pressure grows and grows. Despite all this pressure, you need to begin retirement planning with your first job. The financial world is changing, we all need to be responsible for our well-being in our retirement years, and unless you want to work until you are 90 years old, you should start saving early.

Things You should Thinking about While Working

This may seem tough when you count every dollar, but it is absolutely doable, and these are some strategies you can use to make your retirement savings a source of pride and not a source of stress. Save a little, save it often, save it automatically. One of the benefits of starting your retirement savings early is that you don’t have a ton of pressure to save it all at once. Set aside 5% of your paycheck into a savings account. Often times this won’t result in more than $20 per pay period, but over the course of a year that really can add up.

Most employers offer a direct deposit option, and within that direct deposit option you can ask for a certain amount to be put into a savings account and the rest into a checking account. By removing the step of saving it yourself, you are less likely to be tempted to skip saving it At the end of the year, that savings account will have a nice little chunk of change in it. Meet with a financial advisor and use it to invest in some long term savings that will reap big rewards. Partner with your boss. Most reputable companies offer some sort of retirement savings incentive.

How To Save On Taxes So You Have More To Retire With

retirement fundThis is a really great option, as it will allow you to set aside money BEFORE taxes, allowing your small chunk to be just a little bit bigger! Some companies will even offer a retirement savings MATCH, matching the amount you save up to a certain percentage, again, tax free. This increases your impact on your savings, does so without effecting your bottom line any further, and shows your boss that you are serious about long term planning!


The power of interest. By starting to save early, you invoke the power of interest! Simply put, the longer your money sits in savings, the more interest in accrues. That interest then rolls into the principle, which, in addition to the new savings you add, increases the amount you earn interest on Money that is saved early will nearly triple in value by the time retirement is reached, and the more you save the more you make! In short, saving early isn’t always easy. There are always things to spend money on, both essentials and fun. But, more than ever, the money you save early in your career has the greatest chance of growing. Buckle down and save, it will be worth it!

Things You Should Never Pay For

If you want to find some extra coins in your budget stop paying for things that could cost you nothing. This helps you to spend less and save more.

Free lodging
While vacationing you don’t have to spend money on hotels while there are families willing to open their homes for you. Make friends with sponsoring families from united states ranging to France and Croatia. All you need is to set up a profile at which provides tips on how you will get families to open their homes to you.
Free food for yourself and for the kids

There are restaurants that feed your kids for free. offers a variety of this restaurants. You will pay for your own food but not for your kids. Just type the state and the city.

Free TV
Local channels are still free, and thanks to digital migration, reception is much better or you can check out You Don’t Have To Pay

For Cable Tv
Free foreign Language lessons
The BBC offers free foreign language lessons such as German, French, Spanish or Italian. You can even get to learn more exotic languages such as Chinese and Russian plus they give you a certificate upon the completion of the course.

Free Entertainment
Volunteering doesn’t cost you a penny. Local animal shelters and home-building groups are always looking for volunteers. Check out volunteer festival and events that way you get to attend the events for free .Also libraries and universities offer lots of fun free activities from plays to concerts.

Audio books
Audio books are a single use kind of purchase. Instead of listening and re-listening to an audio book you enjoy and then archiving it, Check out your local library online site to see if they have it in the format you need, for free!.You can also download free audio books from the non-profit which has volunteers who record classics in the public domain. They even provide you with free recording software. Small home maintenance jobs; housecleaning Yard work

This are things you can do on a Saturday afternoon. They will keep you healthy and save you the pennies. You can also get your kids to do them. Yeah, that’s right it will keep them easy and they will learn something new.

Gym memberships
Everyone wants to keep fit and makes plans of going to the gym at 5 in the morning and most don’t end up doing it. Cancel the membership and have a morning job or buy an at-home work out programmer for a one time price.